Promoting academic achievement within a positive youth development framework


  • Marianne Beck
  • Nora Wiium



School dropout has both individual and economic implications. Current statistics reveal higher dropout rates among boys. Schools have a unique position to address youth development. Research from the US on positive youth development shows positive relationships between developmental assets (e.g. support at school) and academic achievement. The present paper examined these relationships among 591 Norwegian high school students (55% girls), aged 15-19 (mean = 16.70) with data from a cross-sectional study. Results indicated that girls reported more assets than boys did. Furthermore, while positive correlations occurred among assets and academic achievement, some assets (i.e. commitment to learning, support and positive identity) were better predictors of academic achievement in regression analysis. Schools can play a significant role in nurturing developmental assets that will promote academic achievement in both genders, as well as have implications for youth and consequently economic development.


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Beck, M., & Wiium, N. (2019). Promoting academic achievement within a positive youth development framework. Norsk Epidemiologi, 28(1-2).