Nyhet fra FME NTRANS

Nyhet fra FME NTRANS



PhD gathering at Jegtvolden

PhD gathering at Jegtvolden


Group photo
Gathered at last: The whole group of PhDs, Postdocs and two of the lecturers at beautiful Jegtvolden, Inderøya.
(Photos: Vibeke Ann Pettersen, NTRANS)

NTRANS PhDs and Postdocs finally got the chance to meet in person the very last week of October. They were gathered for three days full of lectures, presentations and teamwork - and also socialising and fun.

(Published 01.11.2021)

All of them presented their projects in front of the group, and they got questions and feedback on the topics afterwards.

They got an introduction to NTRANS, and also on each of the five research areas by the research area leaders. The gathering also included several workshops where they worked together on different topics, such as writing blogs and opinion pieces.

Seeing the bigger picture

Amber Joy Nordholm was one of the PhDs at the gathering:
"It was so nice to finally meet up, and to see "the bigger picture" of the NTRANS centre. And to really feel part of it, and to be working together towards the Norwegian transition goals," says Amber.
"The sharing of ideas and brainstorming with others was great, it's so much better than trying to be creative in a vacuum. I think the organisers did a very good job, because they also made it fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves," says Amber Joy Nordholm.

Important group

“It was really great to finally meet all these scholars face-to-face”, says Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, Vice Director of NTRANS. “The PhDs and Postdocs are an essential backbone of the NTRANS research efforts, and what we have done these last few days clearly shows that we have been able to recruit a creative, international and intellectually strong group of scholars. I’m sure they will be of great value both to the centre, and not least to Norwegian society over the coming years!”


Sosiale medier



Working in teams

Working in teams

The PhDs and Postdocs worked on several topics in groups during the three days at Jegtvolden. Here they are working in teams to make a blog or opinion piece.

Phd group work

From the left: Milad Mehdizadeh, Max Koslowski and Ida Marie Henriksen.


From the left: Luke Whittington, Felipe Van de Sande Araujo, Britta Ekløf and Davood Qorbani.


From the left: Krisjanis Rudus, Simen Rostad Sæther, Bradley Loewen and Amber Joy Nordholm.