Velkommen til NTRANS-festivalen!

Velkommen til NTRANS-festivalen

Festival programme

Festival programme


Wednesday, 24 August

Evening: Arrival at Røros Hotel

19.00-21.00: Soup and bread is available if you arrive between these hours.

Thursday, 25 August

08.45-09.45: Bergstadsvandring (Guided tour of Røros)

10.00-10.45: Accelerated transition

10.45-11.25: PhD and Postdoc idea pitching

  • Mario Blázquez de Paz, NHH
  • Amber Joy Nordholm, NTNU
  • Kejia Yang, TIK-UiO
  • Outi Pitkänen, NTNU
  • Felipe Van de Sande Araujo, NTNU
  • Maximilian Koslowski, NTNU
  • Kyriaki Tselika, NHH
  • Davood Qorbani, NTNU

11.25-12.00: Poster mingling

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-13.40: The energy transition in the North Sea

13.40-14.30: Transport

14.30-14.50: Break

14.50-15.20: Sustainable transition

15.20-16.10: Transition pathways

16.10-16.15: Departure for Rørosrein
          17.25: Return to the hotel by bus or walking

18.20-19.00: Transition in Norway in light of the recent 6th IPPC main report

  • Introduction from Anders Hammer Strømman, Professor, NTNU
  • Discussion and reflections

19.00-19.30: The local business Flokk will present their work on sustanability
19.30-20.00: Aperitif

20.00-21.00: Dinner and entertainment

  • Featuring local music and history

Friday, 26 August

09.00-10.00: Swim- or walkshop, with Marius Korsnes, Associate Professor, NTNU

10.00-11.15: Energy markets and flexibility

11:25-12:00: NTRANS and the energy transition

12.00-13.00: Lunch


Energiikoner, strøm sol og vind

More festival information

More festival information



The festival hotel is Røros hotel, you book rooms yourself:

  • Book via e-mail: or telephone (+47) 724 08 000 (staffed 24/7)
  • Use the code "NTRANSfestival2022"
  • Single room are NOK 1 085
  • NTRANS pays for conference day packages, Wednesday's evening meal Thursday's dinner.

Registration: 15 August.

Festival Registration