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ARK4 presents its games at Resaerchers night, both 10!

On Friday the 23rd,  theNTNU University library will participate at the Researchers night event organized by the Norwegian University of Trondheim at Gløshaugen Campus. Hundreds of  young students will try all kind’s of hands-on activities in order to understand what is that researchers at NTNU are working with. The purpose of this European event is to inspire young students and create engagements around research in general.

ARK4 is a heritage library of games the experiments with content, appearance and user design, to create a new virtual space of supporting learning. It also explores the role of technology in disseminating information in a way that reaches a wider public . Workshops, games, 3D environments are all tools in the new and diverse archivist kit. The relationship between the public and digital content is among the core issues the project works on. In its new phase, the project attempts to re-use digital content from the Cultural Heritage sector, mainly deriving from Europeana and other libraries to reach a wider audience through knowledge testing games.

  • Games in English
1. Children’s Literature is the first of a series of knowledge testing games that will be produced in this context. Launched on March 3, 2016 on the occasion of the World Book Day, it is a joyful topic that aims to travel its users back to their childhood and test what they have been reading and remember from then. Among the questions, the users can have a look at beautiful visual records lying currently within Europeana. –
See more at Europeana Research.
2. Children at Granma(coming shortly)
3. Lost cultures.
  • Games in Norwegian
1. Saint Olav and Trondheim
 2. Norwegian Deaf Museum web-quiz.
3. Women`s history web-quiz.
4. Rødøy history and archaeology

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