Supplementary Funding for NTNU partners in the Horizon 2020 Project “H-WORK”

As WP-leader in “H-WORK- Multilevel interventions to promote mental health in SMEs and public workplaces” we are happy to announce that we have got supplementary funding from The Research Council of Norway.

The purpose of this supplementary funding is to increase the impact of Norway’s participation in Horizon 2020 projects. H-WORK project has the purpose of designing, implementing and validating effective multi-level assessment and intervention toolkits, evaluating individual and organizational outcomes of the adopted measures and provide further innovative products and services. The aim is to effectively promote mental health, along with policy recommendations for employers, occupational health professionals and policy makers. With these supplementary funding we aim to create additional dissemination activities based on the results, like videos, podcast’s and e-learning tools.






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