Sigrid Nakrem from the Center has been part of an application of a large Research Project that got funding. Congratulations!

The Research Council of Norway has allocated 98 million NOK after the call for proposals on the research program HELSEVEL (Health, care and welfare services research) in May 2016, and one researcher connected to Center for Health Promotion Research participates in one of the projects that will be funded.

The project title is «Elder abuse in residential care settings. A multi-method study on abuse and neglect of older patients in Norwegian nursing homes.» The aim of the project is to generate new knowledge on the extent and nature of abuse, and to identify mechanisms at individual, organizational and structural level leading to abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

Project managers are Professor Arne Eide and Associate Professor Wenche Karin Malmedal. The project that is funded with 15 million NOK from NFR and 1.5 million NOK own financing has three work packages, includes three PhD-scholarships and will be collaborating with researchers in Ireland, USA and Australia. Work package leaders are Associate Professor Wenche Karin Malmedal, Professor Sigrid Nakrem and Associate Professor Astrid Sandemoe (NKVTS).

Professor Sigrid Nakrem
Professor Sigrid Nakrem






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