Vil integrere BusTUC med kart, sanntids-info, GPS og annet, for å finne ut hvordan ruteopplysninger best kan distribueres.

Master Thesis Task Description:

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An increasing number of bus companies around the world now support real-time estimates of bus arrival times. Most of them also give developers open access to these estimates via web APIs. However, most of the bus companies restrict access to the actual GPS coordinates. A few cities like Tampere in Finland and New York in the USA have successfully given GPS access to developers. In these cities, many bus maps for both the web and smart phones have now been created by third parties.

Since GPS coordinates are still not available to us, this project aims to use the estimated arrival times. The location of all buses in transit can then be estimated and displayed on a smart phone. To ensure portability, the SIRI standard ( should be used.

The application will be tested on at least 25 real users in order to measure its impact on travelers’ waiting time and their satisfaction. The test will include questions about current bus habits, some scenarios including use of the application, and final questions about whether the participants want to use such an application in the future.

Autumn Project Task Description:

What is the most natural way to get information about bus schedules?

The task will be to investigate users bus habits in Trondheim. Is information about the bus position something the users would want? We will start off by doing some field studying. This includes asking AtB users about their travel habits and if they use information services to find the bus schedules. Combined with a literature study we will use the information to create a mobile application.

Our thought is to see if it is possible to integrate the bus positions into a mobile application. How the the information is displayed is yet to be specified, either by a query on the bus one wish to find, or a map containing every bus in route.

Some existing work to build on can be found here

Goal: Conduct a user survey to gather traveling people's opinion of the bus today, and gather
information from research already conducted to create a mobile application that answers
to the information gathered.
  • Research Question 1: What is the most natural way to get information about bus schedules?
  • Research Question 2: How can a mobile application help travelers spend less time waiting for their bus to arrive?

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