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How do I use the database?

There are currently 2 options which can be built into EVA Search and Match:

1) PDF (Powder Diffraction File): On the lab PCs we have licenses for the ICDD-4+PDF-database ( A quick demo of this database can be viewed here: The database entries can be referenced using the PDF number in the text (PDF xx-xxx-xxxx), and a reference to "International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD), Powder Diffraction File PDF-4+ database" in the reference list


You can use the databases directly (e.g. before measuring) to seach for patterns, however, they are also implemented in the DIFFRAC.EVA-software. First you have to download the "cod-for-diffraceva_vxx.exe" (see the "Getting started with XRD analysis-email descriped above for details), and install the .exe-file on your computer. Then open EVA, and click "Tool" → "Search / Match". For more details, please see the "EVA-How to" booklet in the lab.

Another option: (not included in EVA Search and Match)

Cambridge Structural Database:

Routine powder diffractometer (DaVinci1)