S-TEAM is a Seventh Framework Programme Science-in-Society project, funded by the EU,  which aims to disseminate inquiry-based science teaching methods (IBST) to the widest possible range of teachers and teacher educators across Europe and associated countries.

The three main objectives of the S-TEAM Project are:
® To improve motivation, learning and pupil attitudes in European science education, resulting in
o increased scientific literacy and
o recruitment to science-based careers, by:
® Enabling large numbers of teachers to adopt inquiry-based and other proven methods for more effective science teaching by:
® Supporting teachers by providing training in, and access to,  innovative methods and research-based knowledge.

These objectives can be summarised as pupil engagement, teacher empowerment and teacher education. S-TEAM recognises that these objectives cannot be imposed on national systems, which in any case is not part of the EU role, but must be implemented through existing structures, agencies and actors. In order to achieve this, we are conducting national workshops to gather information about IBST implementation in the partner countries.

S-TEAM also has some numerical objectives.

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