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The reference group in S-TEAM is responsible for user comments on specific deliverables and overall progress. Its coordinator is  Pernilla Nilsson, Högskolan i Halmstad (

A new idea, suggested by Colin Smith is that we could form sub-groups of the reference group in different countries, not necessarily all of the partner countries but enough to give a range of opinion. Currently Scotland, Sweden, Germany and Hungary might be places where sub-groups could easily be established.

This page provides an overview of the roles of the external evaluators for S-TEAM. We are very pleased to have Professor Rick Duschl and Dr Michela Mayer as our evaluators. Given their specific areas of expertise, we expect that their roles will complement each other to some extent. The evaluation reports, however, will be jointly produced.

The evaluators will have full access to all project documents, although given the overall S-TEAM philosophy of open access, we do not expect to create a large number of confidential documents or reports. Primarily, this will be achieved via the project wiki, but the project manager and other management support team members will be responsible for forwarding specific documents, either 'for information' or at the request of the evaluators.

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