The Norwegian Diabetes Register for Adults – an overview of the first years

John G. Cooper, Geir Thue, Tor Claudi, Karianne Løvaas, Siri Carlsen, Sverre Sandberg


The Norwegian Diabetes Register for Adults (NDR-A) was granted status as a consent-based National Quality Register by the Ministry of Health and Care Services and approved by the Data Inspectorate in 2005. The main aim of the register is to improve the quality of the treatment of people with diabetes in hospitals and primary care. NDR-A is the first national quality register in Norway to capture all data electronically, and it is also the first register to collect data from both primary health care and hospital/specialist services. We therefore think that experiences gained from developing and promoting the register will be of general interest. In this paper we describe the reasons for establishing the register, the register population and dataset, the electronic tools used for data capture, how recruitment is progressing, how we think the register can improve the care of patients with diabetes, and possibilities for future epidemiological research.

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