Investigation of a Flat Connector Concept Potential for Low and Medium Vacuum Conditions

  • A.B.J.M. Driessen
  • J. van Duivenbode
  • P.A.A.F. Wouters
Keywords: PD, Low voltage


Higher actuator voltages are required for future generation lithography machines to increase productivity. The operating pressures in combination with relevant insulation distances, can be situated near gas breakdown and cause partial discharge activity, making long-term damage conceivable. High voltage cone-shape connectors with pliable insulation can be applied for the low and medium vacuum range. However, materials and space are restricted making a cone shaped connector not ideal. In this paper, a flat connector concept is presented with a pliable insulation material allowed to be used for the aforementioned application. The permittivity of this material is measured and simulation results of the connector reveal critical design points. A prototype connector is made and its partial discharge inception voltage is characterized for the low and medium vacuum range. The results are discussed and compared with simulations.


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