@realSocialMedia discusses challenges faced in academic research on politics & social media in Europe after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the introduction of GDPR.

It takes the reader behind the scenes of research to shed light on the many challenges researchers face when studying politics on social media. These can be of technical, legal, cultural, ethical or other nature.

What challenges have researchers encountered when studying politics on social media? How have they dealt with them? By opening up the process of research, @realSocialMedia aims to address fears among the public about electoral manipulation, micro-targeting and big data. It does this by discussing what is – and what is not – possible in today’s study of European social media politics.

We invite short blog stories on recent publications in peer-reviewed academic outlets about politics & social media in Europe. Blogs should not be summaries of the findings, but rather a story about the challenges faced in doing the research. A “making of” story.

It should be 600-800 words in plain English, avoiding jargon as much as possible. Authors are invited to express themselves in bolder and clearer terms than they would in an academic text.

Please send your submission to Anna Bil-Jaruzelska: anna.bil-jaruzelska@ntnu.no

Editorial board

  • Bil-Jaruzelska, Anna
  • de Wilde, Pieter
  • Magin, Melanie
  • Maurer, Peter
  • Özdemir, Sina
  • Rasch, Astrid