The Invention of the Lottery Fantasy:

A Cultural, Transnational, and Transmedial History of European Lotteries


28–30 March 2022Workshop for project membersTrondheim
24–27 August 20223rd Nordic 18th Century ConferenceCopenhagen
7–10 November 2022Workshop for project membersParis
16–17 November 2022Olav Solberg-seminaret, Sanglyrikk USN Bø. Inga Henriette Undheim & Johan Staxrud: Penger, spill og kjærlighet. En liten studie av skillingsvisenes vinnere og tapere
19–21 January 2023Conference, Norwegian Society for 18th-century studies (presentations by Michael Scham, Inga Henriette Undheim and Johanne Slettvoll Kristiansen)Oslo
2–5 August 2023The International Association for Scandinavian Studies (IASS) 34th conference (presentatiom by Inga Henriette Undheim)Tromsø
18–21 September 2023Workshop for project membersVenice
19 January 2024“Hva er lottodrømmen?”, presentation by Marius Warholm Haugen at Trondheim folkebibliotekTrondheim
16–18 September 2024Workshop for project members and Lottery conferenceCambridge
5 December 2024Interdisciplinary and cross-section public seminar on the lottery fantasy and its role in gaming addiction, in collaboration with the Norwegian Competence Center for GamblingBergen