Bruker D8 A25 DaVinci X-ray Diffractometer with CuKα radiation. LynxEye™ SuperSpeed Detector. 90 position sample changer.

NB! There is a small offset in the goniometer which is not possible to repair on site, meaning that you will measure a slight offset of your peak position compared to the "real values" or the database results. More information here.

Well suited for:
Not so good for:

Photo: Kristin Høydalsvik Wells

Specifications, standard powder diffraction set-up (all days except Wednesdays)
Standard measurements:

(for exact numbers, please consult the measurement PC - ask Lab Manager or substitutes for help if needed).

Specifications, grazing-incidence diffraction (GIXRD) set-up (Wednesdays, except holiday periods)

Well-suited for studying the structure of polycrystalline films on substrates.

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