Bruker D8 A25 DaVinci X-ray Diffractometer and  LynxEye™ SuperSpeed Detector. Used for non-standard set-ups.

Can be used with either:

1) Mo radiation and focussing mirror optics.

2a) Cu radiation, Bragg Brentano

2b) Cu radiation, parrallel beam optics

Currently the Mo-tube is in use, and the capillary stage is mounted.


The multipurpose instrument (DaVinci2) with xyz-stage mounted. Photo: Kristin H. Wells.

Well suited for (Cu radiation):
Well suited for (Mo radiation):
Not so good for (Mo radiation):
Stages available:

Photo: Kristin H. Wells

Instrument specifications

Typically 3-155 degrees 2θ (0.46 Å-1 < Q < 17.3 Å-1, 13.6 Å > d > 0.36 Å) (for Mo-radiation)

Before you begin:

Equipment may not be used without training. See XRD-lab info.

Booking the instrument

Use the booking system.

In-situ experiments, custom build