Prof. Jon Atle Gulla

Jon Atle Gulla is professor of Information Systems at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology since 2002. He received his MSc in 1988 and his PhD in 1993, both in Information Systems, at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. Gulla also has a MSc in Linguistics from the University of Trondheim and a MSc of Management (Sloan fellow) from London Business School. He has previously worked on intelligent information retrieval technologies with GMD/Fraunhofer in Darmstadt and large-scale enterprise planning systems with Norsk Hydro in Brussels. He has been the German site manager of Fast Search & Transfer in Munich, where his organization was responsible for the linguistic part of FASTs internet and enterprise search engine. Gulla is the co-founder of LingIT, a computational linguistics company located in Trondheim. His research interests include the Semantic Web, ontologies, search and recommendation technologies, and sentiment analysis.

Arne Dag Fidjestøl

Dr. Özlem Özgöbek

Özlem Özgöbek has a PhD degree from the Computer Engineering Department at Ege University, Izmir, Turkey. Previously she worked on agent based systems and semantic web. For the PhD thesis she focused on recommender systems. After spending one year as an ERCIM postdoc at NTNU, she continues her research about news recommender systems and fake news detection as an postdoc in NTNU.


Dr. Cristina Marco

Cristina Marco is a postdoctoral fellow within content analysis in news recommender systems at NTNU Trondheim since 2016. She holds a PhD and Master in Linguistics and Technological Applications from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She has conducted research in the areas of lexical semantics and computational linguistics, including the semantic analysis of various types of predications such as participial constructions and psychological predicates, and the development of a part-of-speech tagger  for Old Spanish and Norwegian.


Peng Liu

Peng Liu is a PhD candidate in the area of News Recommender Systems at IDI, NTNU. He received his MSc in Database and Data mining from Peking University, China. His research interests include sentiment analysis, topic modeling, web knowledge extraction and mining. Now he is working on efficient entity mining and knowledge modeling for large-scale online news streams in SmartMedia project.

Lemei Zhang

Lemei Zhang has a MSc in Signal and Information Processing at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China. She is now a PhD candidate in WISE laboratory in NTNU and working on user modelling in news recommender systems. Her specialization includes learning their characteristics from spatial, temporal and other aspects by analyzing users log history, modelling various significant features into recommender systems, and predict user behaviour to improve the performance of recommendations.

Previous Members

Dr. Jon Espen Ingvaldsen

Jon Espen Ingvaldsen is a passionate computer scientist and software consultant. Ingvaldsen has a Ph.D. degree related to business process intelligence and monitoring of ERP transaction streams. To gain experience with industrial systems and do research work with industrial relevance, Ingvaldsen joined an international scrum project at SAP in Walldorf in 2005. As a consultant, Ingvaldsen has joined software development, innovation and process analysis projects. He is a skilled software engineer and a scrum evangelist.

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Mabi Harandi

Mabi has a BSc in computer engineering. She has been working as a developer for a few years. Now she is doing Master in information systems engineering. Her specialization is evaluating different techniques of machine learning for user modeling in the News Recommender Systems. She will start her master thesis at Syracuse. It is the collaboration between NTNU and Syracuse. She has been working on signal analysis project at the Neuroscience laboratory at NTNU since she started her Master program.

Lars Smørås Høysæter

Lars is in his last year of his M.Sc. degree in computer science at NTNU, with a specialization in artificial intelligence. He is currently involved in an IT startup and spends most of his time there doing web development. Lars is always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies that can improve and expand the web domain.


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Pål-Christian Salvesen Njølstad


Patrick Romstad

"Patrick Romstad is in his last year of his M.Sc. degree in computer science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with a specialization in information systems. He likes to play with new technology which often results in several mini projects. Previous work has resulted in Android applications, whereas his main area has been the user interface.   




Dag Einar Monsen

Dag is in the last year of his Master of Computer Science, after doing a year of exchange at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. He is specializing in Information Systems, and have been working part time on a web based CRM product for 7 years, resulting in a solid knowledge of Web Standards and realtime web applications. He spends a lot of time playing with new technology, and is always keen on learning more.