Arkitektur 4

Learning software during ARK4 focuses on two main aspects - learning how to work in the small scale necessary for housing, where small elements can often be crucial for the design and furthermore, preparing everyone for ARK6, where you are dependent on full fledged project development tools.

Learning goals

You should have a good grip on all the graphical tools used in the study, like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and everyone expects you to handle all the workflows associated with these programs. You should also be proficient in one or more simple geometric modelers, such as SketchUp and be able to use them to develop 3-dimensional sketches of your project.

During ARK4, you should learn the basics of ArchiCAD or Revit (or both) and be able to explore similar aspects of a project than you normally would in SketchUp, in addition to become familiar with some of the added possibilities that a project development tools can offer.


You should understand imports and exports from Revit or ArchiCAD, be able to design and also generate the necessary drawings to communicate your project. And might we suggest that you open those drawings in another progam to make them look slightly better before presenting. You can also start experimenting with the rendering capabilities of these programs to make perspectives and generally explore what they can do and what they can't do.


It might be tough trying to choose where to start, so you might have some interest in reading about Choosing a CAD Package.

Optional Studies

If you feel like these things are easy and you are already proficient in both Revit and ArchiCAD, looking into 3D Studio Max or Cinema 4D might give you a way to expand your understanding.

Workshop: Revit // ArchiCAD

Arkitektur 4 has included in the program a CADworkshop. The main goal of the workshop is to give a kick start with Production CAD programs like ArchiCAD and Revit. It is a three days workshop that should give you the basic skills to start a project with one or both of the included programs.

Before and during the workshop: read about the workshop, the method, and the programs at "Workshop Revit//ArchiCAD" under "courses" or click here. You will use this as your program/videos to follow during the three days.