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Booking is now open  for the mid-project conference

 *Science Fictions: Inquiries into the future of Science Education*

An event focused on thinking about what science education will look like in ten, twenty or thirty years from now.

The mid-project  [conference|steam:International mid-project conference]  will be held in Glasgow 13-15 October 2010.  Please click on [http://www.strath.ac.uk/humanities/conferences/sciencefictions/|http://www.strath.ac.uk/humanities/conferences/sciencefictions/]

to register.

The conference is free and all S-TEAM partners will be represented. We will also have participants from our colleagues in ESTABLISH, PRIMAS and Fibonacci.

You can download the preliminary report on Inquiry based science teaching in the partner countries  [here|S-TEAM stands for SCIENCE-TEACHER EDUCATION ADVANCED METHODS. S-TEAM supports inquiry based science through teacher development activities.^S-TEAM report2a3a.pdf].

For contact details, click [here|steam:Contact information]

The project is coordinated by the [Norwegian University of Science and Technology|http://www.ntnu.no]. The acting coordinators are Professor Peter van Marion (NTNU) and Professor Doris Jorde (University of Oslo).

*Why are we dinosaurs?*

Having looked at some teacher blogs recently, it occurred to me that we are way behind with the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies. We need to add all sorts of RSS feeds, social networking tools and so on. But are these really helpful? No-one has noticed (or at least asked about) the lack of these things on the wiki. So do we need them? You tell me\!


* [About our themes|https://www.ntnu.no/wiki/display/steam/About+S-TEAM]
* Experiments
* Argumentation
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* Motivation
* Inquiry