Evaluation of Sustainable Materials and Components, AAR 4907.


Comments about the lectures the first six days?

No focus on LCA (life cycle assessment) as stated on the course program on the official course webpage.

Sometimes too much information and not clearly related to architecture.

Often only images or comlex engeeneering drawings in the presentations that makes difficult to understand them later.  


Case studies would have been useful and appreciated.

Do not read after slides.


Comments about the workshop?

No information that it was a workshop for the industrial partners and not for the students.

The students were excluded from the discussion after the presentation, while at least a representative from each group should have been involved.

No report about the discussion after the presentation.


Comments about the three weeks of intensive work?

Guidance didn’t know the project and this led to waste of time.

The time was limited.

The information given were not enough.


We learnt about previous unknown subject.

While the process was sometimes frustrating, a lot was learnt about technical detail level that is good.

Frustrating not to have direct access to industry partners, resulting in critical questions beeing answerd too late.  


Comments about the guidance?

Guidance didn’t know the project and this led to waste of time.

Too much in too little time.

Uncertainty of decision taking.

Uncertainty of project location and related strategy (Madrid/Oslo).


Comments about the round table meetings?

It wasn’t a round table but a presentation.

No development as in a round table.

No one in charge to make a decision about issues raised, so no movement forward.


Comments about using a project like +hytte in a mandatory course?

Missing an introduction.

Ununderstanding of the boundaries between the core of the project and our interventions.



What was your outcome of the course?

Not related to the supposed aim of the course (LCA).

More specific than general things.

How to deal with a real project.

How to take decisions.


Other comments?

Define boundaries and roles as well as assignments.

Ask to take responsibility.

Good to focus on real project, interact with experts, and design on more real and detailed techical level

How will +hytte project move forward? How can we get involved?