Information: Master Thesis’s delivery and presentations.

Postponement: NTNU rules state that only sick leave is a valid ground for postponement of your thesis deadline (length of extension is to be discussed with your supervisor).

Template: There are no strict templates for your master thesis. But you should have a front page containing title, date, author's name, NTNU's logo and the supervisors' name. I'll soon send you a front page template that you can use if you want. In the beginning of your thesis you should have a one page summary in English containing a short description of research questions, methods and conclusions. In the thesis text, don't forget references and page numbers. Language: You can write the text in English or Norwegian.

Delivery: Electronic delivery on it’s:learning  within 14:00, 1 June.

Master brochure: Two A5 pages each. 1-3 illustrations and a text (200 words). For the text you can use the summary in your thesis as a base. Remember this brochure can be a good advertisement of you and your skills.. Yidan will make this brochure. She will send you a template,   where you can just fill in text and illustrations. Please send it to me and her ( ), in week 27, latest within 5th of June, 12:00. If you're not sure about the summary or the illustrations you should choose, ask your supervisor for advice!

Exhibition . 11. June at 12:00 we will open the master exhibition in the corridor, 2nd floor. You can make 1-2 A1 posters each. Please exhibit them within 11 AM, 11 June. If you want to exhibit other things (a print-out of your thesis, a model, etc), please tell me and your supervisor. Soon I will send out examples on posters (for design projects and/or theoretical research).  To achieve a final grade the exhibition is compulsory.

Presentation: 14-15 June. Program attached. You can invite a limited amount of guests (parents, partner, friends, future employers etc), but please let me know on beforehand so we can organize the room. Grading: The final Master thesis presentation doesn’t account directly for the final grade. The presentation is compulsory and will improve or deteriorate your grade. (There is no strict rule on a 1/3 contribution).

Shared lunch: 15 June, 11:30, at Mellomrommet. You can invite a limited amount of guests here too. Please register them to me within 8 June.