Finally we`re friends!

After a couple of weeks of fighting with IRIS we believe we have managed our way around all the errors she can possibly come up with. Along the way we have learned a great deal about how to print to make the parts as strong as possible and also how to reduce printing time dramatically by considering the direction of the gluing pattern!

Visit at Hurtigruten, Trollfjord

Today we visited the Trollfjorden ship. It's a ship built in 2003, and we got to have a first look of what a ship bridge wing looks like.

The deck officer gave us some input on what works and what doesn't work. For example he would like to have glas floor to get a better understanding of the distance from the ship to the dock.


The awesome paper team!



This is the team: 

Meet IRIS, our magnificent paper 3D-printer:



Getting started!



First we created our SCRUM board!



Then we checked how many pieces we would need to make an ordinary chair. We discovered you need at least 13 pieces to make this particular chair.

This made us realize that we have to come up with a good assembly method to combine all the pieces into a 1:1 chair.



With our newfound knowledge we decided to just jump into making stuff with paper. So we built som 1:10 chairs out of paper and tape.

This was a fun exercise and we managed to explore some immediate ideas and concepts very fast.






All of our magnificent chairs lined up together:







The awesome paper team

Here we are: 

Meet IRIS, the Mcor 3D printer:

Cue challenge.... ACTION Kick-Off PaperBike challenge


To get to know the team while doing something practical, the work on this years PaperBike has taken place. An intensive 48h effort resulted in...

a duckt-taped box!


What the box hides? Remains to be seen!

Summer's Ending

... And we are back! 

After an awesome week at ICED2015, we are ready to tackle whatever might come our way!

Stay tuned for more updates!

The Trolls 


Need to see how a blog post turns out

First protyping session

Today we did some reverse engineering on an umbrella, to explore the possibilities of a foldable office chair. We are very happy with our finished prototype, as it proved the acheivability of our concept.

By lifting the backrest, the seat folds in, and the legs retract.


First prototyping session

We are at the moment exploring the possibilities of a foldable office chair. Today we did some reverse engineering on an umbrella, and made a pretty neat first prototype (at least we think so).

2014-10-31 13.21.28.jpg2014-10-31 13.21.12.jpg2014-10-31 13.20.54.jpg

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