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3.  University Pierre-Mendes-France, Grenoble (UPMF)  

UPMF is part of a wider entity (Grenoble University) which includes numerous science and technology institutes.  The project itself is led by the Educational Science Laboratory (L.S.E.) which involves members from UPMF and from its  Teacher Education Institute (IUFM). This Institute is part of the science and technology university University Joseph-Fourier - UJF.   LSE-UPMF has conducted numerous research projects about the impacts of  teaching context on learning outcomes, techniques which stimulate learners' intrinsic motivation and factors which promote teachers' collective work. LSE-UPMF is regularly assessed at level A (the highest in the French assessment system).

Task allocation

The main tasks attributed to UPMF in the S-TEAM project are: Task 1 related to WP2:  As national representative, UPMF will collect data regarding the way science teachers are educated and trained in France.  Task 2 related to WP4: UPMF is the leader of  WP4   It will coordinate the actions of the members involved within WP4 and connect to other WPs.  UPMF actions will support new secondary science teachers and mentors with the implementation of  inquiry-based science teaching techniques.  WP4 will also address the need for a dissemination strategy tailored to the French national context. Task 3 related to WP3: UPMF will connect with the SINUS project in order to provide  French science teachers with relevant methods. Task 4 related to WP9: UPMF will contribute to providing the consortium with relevant indicators and evaluation tools in order to convince science teachers and  policymakers of the efficiency and efficacy of inquiry-based methods.  Staff members who will be undertaking the work:       Michel Grangeat, Ass. Prof., (MCU-HDR33) leads the UPMF contribution; he is a teacher educator at Grenoble IUFM.  His research interests concern teachers' collective work and forms of organization which stimulate teacher collaboration.     Pascal Bressoux, Prof., (PU) leads the UPMF Lab. of Educational Science.  He will be involved in supervising the team. His expertise is in the impact of teachers' conceptions on learning outcomes     Pascal Pansu, Prof., (PU) leads a L.S.E-UPMF research team.  He will provide the project with relevant evaluation tools, methods and theories which support teachers' involvement.     Eric Triquet, Ass. Prof., (MCU) is teacher educator at Grenoble IUFM where he leads the science teacher education department.  His role will consist in managing the part of the project which aims to support mentors and teacher educators towards  implementation of problem and inquiry-based science teaching techniques.   Joëlle Aubert, Ass. Prof., (MCU) is member of the IUFM staff.  Her role will consist in involving science teacher trainers seeking to gain experience in science  education (at a local and national level).

Indicative Allocation of Person-Months: UPMF  name  role  PM (total 40.5 ) Michel Grangeat  WP4 leader  6.5  Pascal Bressoux  Supervision & Contributor to dissemination strategy 3 Pascal Pansu  Production of  4.1 to 4.5  1  Eric Triquet  Production of  4.1 to 4.5  1 Joëlle Aubert  Production of  4.1 to 4.5  1  Post-doctoral student  Production of  4.1 to 4.5  13 PhD student  Production of 4.1 to 4.5  15

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