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  • Measure particle size distributions of suspensions and dry powder
  • Size range for dispersions: 10 nm - 3000 µm
  • Size range for dry powder: 100 nm - 5000 µm 
  • Approved for use with water, ethanol and isopropanol as solvents
Can not be used for:
  • Acidic or alkaline solutions
  • Dispersions with particle size >3000 µm
  • Dry powder with a particle size below 100 nm or above 5000 µm
  • Other solvents than the ones specified above (ask instrument responsible for an assessment if you need to use other solvents)
Previously used for:
  • Oxide powders



Before you begin

  • Contact equipment responsible : Eva Rise
  • Equipment may not be used without training. 
  • Contact room responsible for access : Elin Harboe Albertsen
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