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WP4d: Report on IBST and the Pairform@nce project: creating training paths Pairform@nce is a national teacher training project in France. It proposes training  packages (called training paths), providing resources for the organization of blended teachers training sessions, using a distant platform. The training follows a principle of collective elaboration of lessons, which permits the emergence of teachers'  communities, sharing a repertoire of resources (Gueudet & Trouche 2008, Gueudet 2008). The implementation by the teachers of collectively designed lessons permits the development of innovative teaching practices.   In this report we present the Pairform@nce project through an analysis of two IBST-oriented training paths. The first one, called "Inquiry in mathematics with dynamic geometry systems" proposes training for mathematics teachers working with classes from grade 6 to 9. The second, called "Virtual globes", proposes a training for science teachers about the classroom use of virtual globes (teachers working with classes  from grade 6 to 12). In both cases, teams of teachers collectively elaborate lessons. These lessons are IBST oriented, and integrate ICT. One teacher of the team implements the lessons designed in class; the implementation is observed by other  members of the team, which leads to modifications, and to testing of the modified lesson. The report also includes the analysis of a training package, drawing on the Geometry  Path.  This report is addressed to teacher trainers and policy makers.  and is planned for M18. (product 4.4)

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