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Course Introduction

TDT44 Semantic Web  a Specialization module in  TDT4730 Information Systems 

Teachers (2011-2015)

Associate Professor Rune Sætre (teacher), satre at, room  ITV-104
(Examiner: Professor Jon Atle Gulla, jag at, room  ITV-114)

Readings in TDT44 Semantic Web (2015)

The book we will use is: Thinking on the Web: Berners-Lee, Gödel and Turing.

Please order the book now, so you have it ready for the first class in September!

We will also read two papers on Logics and Turtle.

A student also found this paper The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data.pdf.
It is not really about Semantic Web, but I post it here as a good read for those who like that.

Schedule (2015)

2015.09.02Introductory meeting from 9.30 to 11.30 in room ITV-454RuneIntro slides (Roughly Chapter 1)Course Introduction TDT44 2009.pdf
2015.09.16First Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Mads LP, Petter F. AslaPart I: Chapter 2,3

Chapter 3 - What is Machine Intelligence.pdf

2015.09.30Second Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Henrik Bøhler, Adrian K Tvete, Matias Pettersen, Torstein Sandven4,5

Ch 5- Resource Description Framework.pdf

2015.10.07Third Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Patrick Skjennum, Ingeborg Ødegård Oftedal, Johan6,7

Chapter 6 - OWL.pdf - owl example with (exec run.bat on windows)

7 Ontology engineering.pdf

2015.10.14Fourth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Håkon Dissen, Jostein Solaas, Tan Le8,9 
2015.10.21Paper presentationsGroup 1: Chapter 2,3,4,5,7 (7 people)
Group 2: Chapter 6,8,9,10 (7 people)
Group 3: Chapter 11-15 (7 people)
Group1: Logic paper 1-5
Group2: Logic paper 6-9
Group3: TurTLe paper
2015.10.28Fifth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Manasa Vallamkondu,Suresh Kumar Mukhiya, Shahila Retnedhas  
2015.11.11Sixth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Yehonathan Quartey, Martin Almvik, Mikael Solstad  
2015.11.25Seventh Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Håvard Moås, Espen Rise Halstensen, Mateusz Siniarski  


From https: //www.idi/intra/teaching/theorymodule_participants.php? Code = TDT44

Almvik, Martinmartalm @ stud TDT44 &  TDT39
Asla, Petter Fagerlundpettefas @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Bøhler, Henrikhenriboh @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Dissen, Håkon Ørstavikhaakondi @ studTDT44 &  TDT22
Halstensen, Espen Riseespenrh @ stud TDT44 &  TDT38
Le, Tan Quachtanql @ stud TDT44 &  TDT71
Moås, Håvardhaavam @ stud TDT44 &  TDT38
Mukhiya, Suresh Kumarsureshkm @ studTDT44 &  TDT02
Oftedal, Ingeborg Ødegårdingebooo @ studTDT44 &  TDT49
Paulsen, Mads Løkkenmadslp @ studTDT44 &  TDT46
Pettersen, Matiasmatiasp @ stud TDT44 &  TDT46
Quartey, Yehonathan Raphaelyehonatq @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Retnadhas, Shahilashahilar @ studTDT44 &  TDT38
Ræder, Johan Georg Cyrus Mazaherjohangeo @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Sandven, Torsteintorssan @ stud TDT44 &  TDT22
Siniarski, Mateuszmateuss @ studTDT44 &  TDT13
Skjennum, Patrick Lpatricls @ studTDT44 &  TDT02
Solaas, Jostein Aunejosteias @ studTDT44 &  TDT22
Solstad, Mikael Rinomikaelrs @ stud TDT44 &  TDT39
Tvete, Adrian Kristofferadriankt @ stud TDT44 &  TDT46
Vallamkondu, Manasamanasav @ studTDT44 &  TDT02

Oral Exam (2015)

Write an essay on a topic that we will decide later. There will be a brief oral examination, presenting your essay.

Date: 2nd (or 3rd) December 2015 10 minutes, between 0900 and 1400.
Place: TBD

OLD EXAMPLE Take-home assignment (from 2014)

From (and India-TranslateApp)

Examination takes place as follows: Attendance schedule for students sent by email ([username]stud) and posted on the bulletin board outside the reception at IDI. First examination may start already at 08:00.

Each exam takes 5-20 minutes. If you fail or have valid excuse for not showing up, a continuation will be held in August the following year.

Note especially the following matters in the theory modules: Specialization project must be passed in order to be able to start the Master Thesis work.

Part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial is relevant for our class:

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