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Course Introduction

TDT44 Semantic Web  a Specialization module in  TDT4730 Information Systems 

Teachers (2011-2015)

Associate Professor Rune Sætre (teacher), satre at, room  ITV-104
(Examiner: Professor Jon Atle Gulla, jag at, room  ITV-114)

Readings in TDT44 Semantic Web (2015)

The book we will use is: Thinking on the Web: Berners-Lee, Gödel and Turing.

Please order the book now, so you have it ready for the first class in September!

We will also read two papers on Logics and Turtle

Schedule (2015)

2015.09.02Introductory meeting from 9.30 to 11.30 in room ITV-454RuneIntro slides (Roughly Chapter 1)Course Introduction TDT44 2009.pdf
2015.09.16First Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Mads LP, Petter F. AslaPart I: Chapter 2,3

Chapter 3 - What is Machine Intelligence.pdf

2015.09.30Second Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Henrik Bøhler, Adrian K Tvete, Matias Pettersen, Torstein Sandven4,5

Ch 5- Resource Description Framework.pdf

2015.10.07Third Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Patrick Skjennum, Ingeborg Ødegård Oftedal, Johan6,7 
2015.10.14Fourth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Håkon Dissen, Jostein Solaas, Tan Le  
2015.10.28Fifth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Manasa Vallamkondu,Suresh Kumar Mukhiya, Shahila Retnedhas  
2015.11.11Sixth Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Yehonathan Quartey, Martin Almvik, Mikael Solstad  
2015.11.25Seventh Lecture, 10 to 12:00, in room 454Håvard Moås, Espen Rise Halstensen, Mateusz Siniarski  


From https: //www.idi/intra/teaching/theorymodule_participants.php? Code = TDT44

Almvik, Martinmartalm @ stud TDT44 &  TDT39
Asla, Petter Fagerlundpettefas @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Bøhler, Henrikhenriboh @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Dissen, Håkon Ørstavikhaakondi @ studTDT44 &  TDT22
Halstensen, Espen Riseespenrh @ stud TDT44 &  TDT38
Le, Tan Quachtanql @ stud TDT44 &  TDT71
Moås, Håvardhaavam @ stud TDT44 &  TDT38
Mukhiya, Suresh Kumarsureshkm @ studTDT44 &  TDT02
Oftedal, Ingeborg Ødegårdingebooo @ studTDT44 &  TDT49
Paulsen, Mads Løkkenmadslp @ studTDT44 &  TDT46
Pettersen, Matiasmatiasp @ stud TDT44 &  TDT46
Quartey, Yehonathan Raphaelyehonatq @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Retnadhas, Shahilashahilar @ studTDT44 &  TDT38
Ræder, Johan Georg Cyrus Mazaherjohangeo @ stud TDT44 &  TDT13
Sandven, Torsteintorssan @ stud TDT44 &  TDT22
Siniarski, Mateuszmateuss @ studTDT44 &  TDT13
Skjennum, Patrick Lpatricls @ studTDT44 &  TDT02
Solaas, Jostein Aunejosteias @ studTDT44 &  TDT22
Solstad, Mikael Rinomikaelrs @ stud TDT44 &  TDT39
Tvete, Adrian Kristofferadriankt @ stud TDT44 &  TDT46
Vallamkondu, Manasamanasav @ studTDT44 &  TDT02

Oral Exam (2015)

Write an essay on a topic that we will decide later. There will be a brief oral examination, presenting your essay.

Date: 2nd (or 3rd) December 2015 10 minutes, between 0900 and 1400.
Place: TBD

OLD EXAMPLE Take-home assignment (from 2014)

From (and India-TranslateApp)

Examination takes place as follows: Attendance schedule for students sent by email ([username]stud) and posted on the bulletin board outside the reception at IDI. First examination may start already at 08:00.

Each exam takes 5-20 minutes. If you fail or have valid excuse for not showing up, a continuation will be held in August the following year.

Note especially the following matters in the theory modules: Specialization project must be passed in order to be able to start the Master Thesis work.

Part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial is relevant for our class:

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