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D8 Focus with CuKα radiation (i.e. wavelength of 1.54 Å, see (star) below for details), and 9 position sample changer. LynxEye™ SuperSpeed Detector

Well suited for:
  • Useful if you wish to measure your samples straight after production etc. 
  • For quantification of the phases in the sample using Rietveld refinement.
Not so good for:

Photo: Julian Tolchard

Instrument specifications
  • Bragg-Brentano geometry
  • θ–2θ operating mode
  • 2.5° primary and secondary Soller slits

Before you begin

Equipment can not be used without training. See XRD-lab info.

Booking the instrument

Use the booking system.

Relevant links:

(star) Generation of X-rays

Youtube video explaining how to use a D8 Focus

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