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Bruker D8 Advance (from 2005) with CuKα radiation. Våntec-1™  SuperSpeed detector.

This diffractometer has a number of hardware configurations, but is primarily dedicated to non ambient data collection using a selection of low temperature, high temperature and high pressure sample stages covering a temperature range of -160-1400°C, under inert and reactive atmospheres up to 20 bar pressure.

The Våntec-1™ detector offers the ability to collect data in a fixed position mode, taking data “snapshots” of up to 12 degrees 2θ. This makes it an ideal instrument for non-ambient diffraction work, with the capability to rapidly collect large amounts of data for the investigation of structure, reactions and kinetics at high temperature.


Room Temperature
  • 9 position sample changer or single sample spinner
High/Low temperature
  • MRI TC-Wide Range camera
  • Vacuum, inert or reactive gas atmospheres
  • -190-400 °C with LT stage
  • RT-1200 °C with a choice of two radiant heaters
  • RT-1400 °C with Pt-Rh or Ta strip heaters
High Temperature / High Pressure
  • MRI TCP20 camera
  • Vacuum, inert or reactive gas atmospheres
  • 0-20 bar gas pressure
  • RT-1400 °C with Pt-Rh strip heater
  • RT-1200 °C with radiant heater

Photo: Julian Tolchard

Instrument specifications
  • Bragg-Brentano geometry
  • θ-θ operating mode
  • Electronically controlled divergence slits 

Before you plan experiments:

Contact equipment responsible.

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