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Diffractometter with Ge-002 monochromator and CuKα1 radiation for thin film studies.

  • XRR studies:  thickness, surface roughness and electron density measurement of thin layers.
  • HR-XRD studies: crystalline quality of the sample, strain analysis, 
  • GIXRD studies: grazing inside diffraction on thin films.

Instrument specifications:
  • Cu source
  • Gobel mirror and 2 bounce Ge(220) monocromator.
  • θ–2θ operating mode.
  • Sample stage: 5-axis Eulerian cradle.
  • Data collection from 0° to 120° 2θ.
  • Detectors:  LynxEye detector for 0D and 1D scan. Scintillation counter detector connected to analyzer for better resolution.

Before you begin:

Equipment can not be used without training. See XRD-lab info.

Booking the instrument

Use the booking system.

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