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Siemens D5005, with quartz primary monochromator and CuKα1 radiation. Scintillation detector. Optimised for high quality powder data collection.

Well suited for:
  • Collection of data for structure solution and/or Rietveld refinement
  • Investigation of strain and crystallite size effects (due to tight and symmetrical line-shape characteristics of the instrument).
Not so good for:
  • Samples containing fluorescing elements (Fe, Co, Mn), depending on the concentration.


Photo: Julian Tolchard

Instrument specifications:
  • Bragg-Brentano geometry
  • θ–2θ operating mode
  • Data collection from 0.5° (but 15°-20° in normal mode) to 140° 2θ
  • 2.5° primary and secondary Soller slits
  • Rotating single sample holder with user selectable rotation speeds

Before you begin:

Equipment may not be used without training. See XRD-lab info.

Booking the instrument

Use the booking system.


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