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Wants to integrate BusTUC and real-time info i the Answers.

Master Thesis Task Description:

The main work will be to enhance the functionality of the BusTUC Oracle answering system, to include support for additional information deemed useful by potential users. For the time being the BusTUC system has only support to display the scheduled bus departure times. Travelers would also benefit from knowing the actual bus departure time, so that they can save their valuable time, not having to wait outside (in the cold) for a bus that is often late.This project aims to add such real-time estimates to the existing scheduled bus departure times. For example:

"Bus 5 passes Kongens gate K2 at 11.40 (actually 11.42)."

The application will be tested on at least 25 to 30 real users in order to measure its impact on travelers’ satisfaction. The test will include questions about some scenarios including use of the application, and whether the participants want to use such an application in the future. The result shall be compared to BusTUC as it was before the work, and the significance of the work shall be evaluated.

Some existing work to build on can be found here

Goal: Conduct a user survey to gather travels' opinion of the current BusTUC system, and gather
information from research already conducted to create a mobile application that answers to the information gathered.
  • Research Question 1: & 2: See updated Research Questions and report on GoogleDocs.

Guide to Structured Literature Review, and Research Questions


It will use the BusTUC system, which is written in the logical programming language Sicstus Prolog.

Meeting 12/2-15


  1. What is sent from the PHP front page to the Prolog BusTUC server?
  2. What is sent back from the server to the front page?
  3. How does Jetty connect the clients (PHP, android, Real-time, ...) with the server?
  4. How do I get the web-service url for the real-time?
    1. Ask Ole Kristian if you can use their password and urls, until you get an answer from
    2. Runes contact at AtB is Torfinn Utne. He can tell you who to ask for access (Maybe Knut Ole Aas, Fredrik Søfteland, Ingar Børre Sandvik, ...).
      We already have a username and pw: See the bottom of the Updating servers ADMIN page.
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