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Workshop Revit // ArchiCAD


"Workshop Revit // ArchiCAD" is a two-days workshop. This is aimed to be a training assignment in the use of CAD production programs such as ArchiCAD and/or Revit. This workshop is included in the second and/or third year of the Master Program in Architecture. Use Arkitektur 4 or Arkitektur 6 to get an idea about the "Learning Goals" and "Workflows" aimed for these semesters.

When and where should we meet? This information will be given separately.

Revit or Archicad?

If you are not sure about which program to use, you will want to read ArchiCAD and Revit Architecture. If you wonder about which language to choose when downloading the program, it is generally advised to use english. The software terminology is wider in english and therefore it becomes easier to find help/information. However, for this case, you should download in norwegian (if you are "working in norway")! The tools will be in english anyway but, the template and library will have the norwegian standards. Maybe you are interested in having an overview about other programs also? If you wonder about which program fits better for what you what to do, use Choosing a CAD package.

The task

You are asked to do your current project/last project in ArchiCAD or/and Revit. It is not a requirement to have your model fully design but try yourself with some of the basic elements such as floor, wall, window, door, roof and stair. You can do yourself the terrain both from Archicad/Revit or from a  vectorial program and import it afterwards as a dwg.


The workshop is based on video-tutorials that you will manage within your own rhythm as well as time to make your project. The videos used are specific chosen to help you on topics as their title suggest. Do not waist time downloading other dwg files as recommend in some of the videos, instead start making your own project! You will have, during the workshop, teaching assistants available to help you. Remember to download the program you will use before the start of the workshop! In case you haven´t done it before, you will have to register yourself before downloading the program. Remember to register that you want a "Norwegian Archicad" otherwise you will get access only to the International version! As a student you will have free access to both programs. Check out how and where to get each program at Get Revit and Get ArchiCAD. Remember to bring your own laptop, mouse and headphones!

If you are going to use REVIT for the workshop, you will find a pack of tutorials from "". The service "Lynda Classroom" is not available anylonger. But you can register, become a member and acess the videos selected in the table under. You can log in at  Included in the workshop (see table under) you will find videos from “Revit Architecture 2014 Essential Training” and "Design a House in Revit Architecture". You you are getting a membership, you should also check "Phasing and Design Options in Revit", “Advanced Modeling in Revit Architecture” and “Revit Architecture: Rendering”. If you do not want to join Lynda, you can find some videos online from Autodesk revit-architecture-tutorial or from Youtube revit-architecture-tutorials.

If you are going to use ARCHICAD, you will find videos that are available for free in Graphisoft website or Youtube. Included in the workshop (see table under) you will find videos from "Archicad Training Series" from Graphisoft. Log in at This is available for free but you will need to register yourself if you haven't done it yet. Here you will find a bigger package of video playlists, exercises and pdf (Intro Archicad) with step by step explanations. In addition, you can check "ArchiCAD Tutorials" in Youtube from Eric Bobrow.

Saving and delivering

In the end you should be able to have a 3D model from the CAD-program you have chosen to work with. In the last part of the workshop we will go through some of the projects and discuss both process and results with each program. Save your 3D model at the server (look for the folder "CADworkshop"). The file name should be identified with your name - "FamillynameFirstname.pln" or"FamillynameFirstname.rvt".

The assignment is mandatory and it will be evaluated as passed/not passed.


For the workshop we advise you to follow this program/links:

Day 1






    - Welcome to the workshop

    - The workshop teaching assistants

    - Calendar and Program

    - Access to information and tutorials: where and how

Presentation: BIM programs // concept of ArchiCAD and Revit

Kickstart: Archicad and Revit  - Environment / Structure / workflow / how to start (navigator and tools / story settings / layers / open views and 3D)

Installation of Revit or ArchiCAD - remember to install Norwegian version! (if in Norway)


Module 1

environment and navigator



Module 2

walls, doors, windows, slabs and roofs


Module 3


Day 2

 Module 4 

 adjustments "Tips & Tricks" + "common problems"


. Selection toggles - (3'29"

. Project information (03'57")  

. Creating groups - (7'10")

. Match Properties (w/ explanation on the projector)

. Match Properties (w/ explanation on the projector)

. Object Setting (w/ explanation on the projector)

. Creating a site - slabs metthod (w/ explanation on the projector)

Module 5

documenting information, layout and publishing



Deliver your 3D model at the server.

Sum up and discussion

Sum up and discussion about the results/possibilities/limitations with the use of BIM programs as productions tools.

Useful ShortCuts

Du you need some tips for shortcuts? Here you can find some useful ArchiCAD-shortcuts and Revit-shortcuts.

Useful Webpages & Tricks

- Textures

- Visualisation (general)

- Visualisation (tutorials)

- Visualisation (more)

- Illustrator isometric

- Illustrator (isometric 2)





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