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This wiki space is a community build database. To contribute to this wiki space, contact the technical employee responsible for your equipment. 

Each equipment page should contain the following information :

  • Application : possibilities / limitation of equipment
  • Picture of equipment
  • Before you begin : contact information for equipment and room responsible
  • Link to extra documentation (limited access) : HSE documentation, operating instructions, maintenance/spare parts...

Insert documents as pdf files, source files should be send to the technical responsible. 


How can I edit pages and fill in information ?

Log in with NTNU username and password.

Find the page you want to modify. Click on the Edit and write, Preview, and Save.

Insertion of document, table, links... :

Use the insert button on the edit page to add attachement, like pdf file of operating instruction.

You can create table directly from the edit page. Then the table will have automatic sorting filter which can be quite handy, you do not get this feature if you copy/paste from word for example.  

Insertion of web link : Insert, Link, Web link tab, enter the name and the adress of the link.

Create new pages with links :

Go on the "mother page", the page from where you want to have a link to the new wiki page, for example Analysis page. Click on Add, Page. Enter the name of the page, for exemple GDMS, and fill in the page, preview and save. Your new page is created.

Now you need to link it from the "mother page". In our case, go back to the Analysis page. Click on Edit and then on the Link button (or insert, link) and follow the instructions under :

  1. Choose one of the tabs on the left to help you find the page or other location that you want to link to:
    • Search– Use this option to link to a page or file in Confluence.
      • Start typing the page name into the text box. Confluence will suggest options as you type.
      • If necessary, limit the search to the current space.
      • Select your link destination from the autocomplete results, or clickSearch and select the link destination from the search results.
    • Recently Viewed– Use this option to link to a page in Confluence.
      • Select your link destination from recently-visited pages.
  2. Enter link text that will be displayed on the page, if required. If you have not highlighted text in the page, and leave the 'Link Text' text box empty, the link will display the destination page name or URL.
  3. Click Insert.

More info on inserting links with confluence : Linking to pages


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