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The WITec Alpha300r is an advanced confocal Raman microscope that combines fast imaging, high spectral sensitivity and spatial resolution with excellent analysis software into a system designed around imaging. The system has high confocality, which enables the user to take 3D raman images with sub-micron resolution. The system consists of three main parts: The laser, microscope and spectrometer.

Laser: The system currently has a 532 nm laser where the power is in the range 0-60mW.


XY-stage: The sample stage is automated in X and Y directions and is controlled either by the software or the X-box controller.

Objective turret: The objective turret currently has 4 different objectives mounted: 10x, two 50x with different working distances and a 100x.


Witec Control 5.2 (Software)

The system is controlled by the Witec Control 5.2 software, which has the following features:

Particle scout: A Raman imaging tool that can identify, quantify, classify and analyze particles in a sample. It enables measurements that move from an overview survey through targeted investigations of particles grouped by attributes to the precise chemical characterization of individual particles. ParticleScout leverages the speed, sensitivity and resolution of WITec’s Raman imaging microscopes to ensure quick and seamless particle analysis. 

Video control: The main interface for for stage and microscope control.

Image stiching: The combination of several images over a specified area. Can be used to navigate the sample when in Raman mode.

Oscilloscope: This function allows the user to view a real-time Raman spectrum of the sample.

Scanning modes:

  • Single spectrum
  • Line scan
  • Raster scan
  • Large area scan
  • Depth scan

Do you want to use the instrument?

Contact Johannes Ofstad ( for more information and instrument training.

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