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Course Introduction

TDT44 Semantic Web: a Specialization module complementary to TDT4175 Information Systems. Other IS modules can be found here.

TDT44 will be taught by Özlem Özgöbek in the fall 2018. 

We will use the following book: (free electronic copy for NTNU students)


27.09.2018Introductory presentation is added
11.09.2018Course schedule updated
30.08.2018Update of the course wiki page


Readings in TDT44 Semantic Web (2018)

The book we will use is: Exploiting Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs in Large Organisations.
Please order the book now, so you have it ready for the first class in September!
You can also download it for free on the NTNU-network from here:

You may also read two papers, on Logics and Turtle, and if you are interested (proposed by a student 2016):

Individual Assignment 2018

Please follow the link for the assignment.

Presentations from 2018

Introduction 2018IntroductionTDT44.pdf

Presentations from 2017


1: Enterprise Knowledge Graph: An Introduction

Kap 1 og 2
2: Knowledge Graph FoundationsKap 1 og 2

3: Knowledge Architecture for Organisations

Extra: Turle


Kap 3

Turtle presentation.pptx


4: Construction of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs(I)

 Kap 4
5: Construction of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs(II)* Kap 5
6: Understanding Knowledge Graphs
 Kap 6
7: Question Answering and Knowledge Graphs Kap 7
8: Success Stories Kap 8
9: Enterprise Knowledge Graph: Looking into the Future Kap 9

Schedule (2018)

26.09.2018, 13:15 Room ITV 054Introductory meeting
TBAMid-term meeting

Oral exam

Students mm. (2017, 2018)

NameEmailOther Tsstart1-23, T, S4-67-9
  1. des
Andersen, Viktor Fredeviktorfa@stud.ntnu.noTDT46    x9090061
Bjørndal, Sigrid Lofthussigridlb@stud.ntnu.noTDT76       
Eggan, Karl Andreas Holbergkaeggan@stud.ntnu.noTDT02       
Falck, Rickard Holerickardf@stud.ntnu.noTDT02       
Isaksen, Vebjørnvebjorni@stud.ntnu.noTDT13       
Morthen, Erlend Kaurstaderlendkm@stud.ntnu.noTDT39       
Orvedal, Maren Helenemarenor@stud.ntnu.noTDT13       
Ovanger, Hans-Kristianhanskrio@stud.ntnu.noTDT76       
Pedersen, Ole Kristian Eidemokpeders@stud.ntnu.noTDT01       
Røstvold, TDT13       
Setalid, Mariusmariuset@stud.ntnu.noTDT39       
Skari, Even Lettingevenls@stud.ntnu.noTDT39       
Sørbø, Ivarivarsorb@stud.ntnu.noTDT76       

From complete list on https: //www.idi/intra/teaching/theorymodule_participants.php? Code = TDT44

Oral Exam (2018) 

To be announced,


Teachers (2018)

Postdoc Özlem Özgöbek (Teacher), ozlem.ozgobek at, room  ITV-158)
(Associate Professor Rune Sætre (Helper), satre at, room  ITV-104)
(Professor Jon Atle Gulla (Examiner), jag at, room  ITV-114)

TDT44 Individual Assignment 2017

  • To get more information about the last year's assignment please click on the link above.

External links

Part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial can be relevant for our class:


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