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How to use the booking system ("Booked") for non-ambient XRD


General procedures:

  • Send an email to lab-responsible and ask if the experiment is reasonable, and if the instrument is available
  • Lab-responsible will send you a form (proposal) to fill in together with your supervisor, which you should return to lab-responsible
  • If lab-responsible finds your proposal realistic and interesting, you will discuss a suitable time for your experiment – Please note that your samples must be ready before we can start the in-situ experiments!

Billy has been granted time in week 16. Often we don’t know enough about which days and how long time in total we need, so Billy just has to guess the dates when he makes his booking. Maybe it is even Wednesday and the experiment is well on its way before the actual booking is sorted out. In that case, Billy just has to use days in the future, and send a message to lab-responsible about the actual dates – lab responsible can edit the reservations even when the start time has passed.

Billy makes his booking, where he only roughly put in dates. This kind of experiment has a daily rate instead of an hourly date, so the exact time of the day does not matter as long as it is the right number of days.

Then Billy clicks “create”, and he gets the following message:


Next step is to send lab responsible an email notifying about the correct dates and this booking being created. Then he/she will approve the reservation, and edit the times.

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