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How to use the booking system ("Booked") for DaVinci1

The samples for the DaVinci1 diffractometer are put in a queue, and the measurements are started every morning and afternoon by the lab-responsible or appointed substitute. The exact timing of your experiments is therefore not so critical here, as long as the total time is correct.


Billy has 3 samples he wants to measure, and each measurement takes 15 minutes. He comes in the morning of May 2nd, and he prepares his samples and programs his measurements on the computer. When he is finished with this, the time is 10:07. He opens the web-browser and opens the booking system webpage, and creates a reservation starting at the first available slot in the future, i.e. 10:15.



Important steps:

  1. Edit the end time to get the correct total time
  2. Project number (mandatory)
  3. Invoice: Choose “Regular projects (Bidrag)” (this is university prices) or “Commissioned projects (Oppdrag)” (this is commercial prices for industry). Billy is an IMA master student so he chooses “Regular projects (Bidrag)”
  4. Choose your organization (NTNU, Sintef, other)
  5. Choose your department. If your department does not appear in the list, please tick “other (please specify in the neighbouring field)”, and type your department name in the box labelled “Department, other”
  6. Sample information: here you can write what your sample contains
  7. Instrument details: here you can write for example the slit size for the programs you are using (not necessary)
  8. Sample position: Here you write which position you put your samples into when you left them in the queue (MANDATORY for this instrument).
  9. Click “create”


IMPORTANT: The sample position is mandatory to fill in for DaVinci1. However, it is not possible to make it mandatory in the booking system without it being mandatory for all the other instruments at IMA. Therefore, the lab responsible will check that you filled in the sample position before he/she starts the measurements.

Example continues:

Other users come along with their samples: Rosalind comes along to DaVinci1 just as Billy left at 10:10. She has 4 samples for which the measurement time is 1 hour each. She is finished preparing her samples and the programming of the measurements on the computer at 10:20. Now she can make a booking for next available slot in the future, i.e. at 11:00. She reserves time from 11 to 15, and fills in the sample positions A12-A9.

Lab-responsible comes to the lab to start the measurements mornings and afternoons. Lab-responsible checks:

  • Is your name written on the sample holder? (use only water soluble pens)
  • Did you create a booking for your measurements?
  • Did you fill in the sample position?

If any of these are missing, your samples will be removed from the queue and put on the bench.




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