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  • From the 27th April: It will be possible to use the XRD-lab if I have received a confirmation from your Head of Department that you are allowed to continue your lab activity.
  • Info
    titleThe daily running of the XRD-lab in the Corona virus period
    fall 2020
    • Maximum 4 users at the same time in the lab, and keep a distance of minimum 1 metremeter.
    • We have a booking form for the room in order to avoid too many people being in the room at the same time, link to Room booking.
    • The DaVinci1-diffractometer will be loaded most daysas normal, see below.
    • Grazing-incidence set-up :on Wednesdays as normal(if you have GI-samples, please put them in the queue before lunchtime 14 on Wednesdays)
    • Support by email or at office hours (or use email to set up a meeting).


    titleXRD training and courses
    1. The instrument training courses. This training is required for new users of the lab/instruments, and they are arranged every second week (every week or more often at semester start in the fall), normally Thursdays at 9-108:30-9:45. It is recommended to wait until your samples are ready or nearly ready. Please fill in this form, and then we can adapt the training better for your requirements.

      If you are external to NTNU, and the link above doesn't work, simply send an email: Contact info

    2. Introduction to XRD data analysis software: (voluntary). 45 minutes, occasionally arranged when sufficient requests. If you are interested, please fill in this form:

    3. Workshop in further data analysis using Topas: (voluntary). 3 x 2 hours (3 consecutive weeks). Next Workshop will probably be in October 2020. If you are interested, please fill in this form: