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Comment: fjernet tekst og lagt til lenke til Innsdia. Teksten som er fjernet er lagret i et word dok om det er behvo for å hente fram noe.

Disclaimer: This is a tool for helping IDI's students, so far focusing on Gløshaugen students, but hopefully also of some use within all IDI. The tool does not have any official status with respect to agreements at NTNU.

A new info page, covering all IDI, is under way. Preliminary version:

Welcome to our wiki for IDI students who are planning to study abroad.

This wiki contains information and links for setting up a plan for your exchange study. You should also look at the general NTNU information page:

Please read and make yourself familiar with the information on this page before addressing the IDI student exchange advisors!
Due to an increased number of exchange students, and in order not to delay the processing  of applications more than necessary,
we now require that you have read, 
understood, and act according to what is described here.
In particular, make sure that your application form is filled in according to the description and example given below. 

All requests about student exchange must be addressed (previously This is an IDI-internal list shared by both administrative and scientific advisors at IDI Gløshaugen.

Administrative requests will be processed by the IDI administrative advisors. They will handle practical issues regarding rules for exchange stays, how to prepare and register for an application, etc. IDI administrative advisors can be reached by the above email address. You may also ask the faculty advisors directly, see their names below.

The scientific advisors will handle all questions related to the contents of courses, including the mapping of NTNU courses to courses in universities abroad.

NB! For all requests, you need to tell us which study program you follow (datateknologi or informatikk) and which specialisation/profile, as non-administrative requests will be handled by the scientific advisor assigned for that specialisation (see below).

            IDI's administrative advisors are

    • Kristin S. Karlsen and Unni Kringtrø Eide, Student administration office


            IE faculty advisors are:

      • Julie Elisabeth Takacs for computer science (datateknologi) (MIDT/MTDT/..)
      • Suzan Bulduk for informatics (informatikk) (BIT/MSIT/..)

Filling in the pre- and post-approval forms.

The first step in the formal procedure is to fill in the pre- or post-approval form, and send it to . The IDI administrative advisors will first check that the form is correctly filled in, and answer questions related to the administrative procedures and formal rules. Then the IDI scientific advisor responsible for your specialisation will process your case and approve your course plan.

When approved the scientific advisor will return the signed form to you, after which you must send it to the faculty for final approval, in the way explained near the bottom of this page. 

The pre-approval form Søknad om forhåndsgodkjenning is to be found here.
The Post-Approval form: Søknad om endelig godkjenning is to be found here

Please note that the standard NTNU forms do not ask for all the information we need at IDI for a smooth application process, so make sure to:

1)      Add your specialisation/profile (studieretning/hovedprofil) after specifying your Studieprogram, either on the
         same line or after your email address.

2)      Make an explicit mapping between your expected NTNU courses and the courses you plan to take abroad.
          One NTNU course may map to (parts of) several courses at your exchange university, but we need to see
          how your set of courses abroad map to the courses you would have taken at  NTNU:

   -  In the pre-approval form, add the corresponding NTNU course after the exchange course (section 3) - see example below. 
   -  In the post-approval form, use the Comments field (Ev. kommentarer) for the corresponding NTNU course - see example below

See the GNAG DB for a list of universities with their course credits corresponding to NTNU (ECTS) credits. Please note that this database may not always be 100% updated.
Some universities make a difference between credit points for bachelor and master courses, in the sense that bachelor courses are 'worth less' than master courses. This may imply that you have to select more courses at the bachelor level than at the master level in order to achieve the necessary ECTS/NTNU credit points.

When filling in a form - depending on your study program: 

  • Find classes that are good matches to your obligatory (O) classes and other requirements.
  • Fill up with other (CS) classes to at least 30 ECTS pr. semester.

  • K-emne should be similar to something on the K-emne list.
  • "Ingeniøremne annet Studieprogram" can be any engineering course, but not a pure CS course.

  • EiT and KPro/IT3010 will be approved as long as you have a total of 20 ECTS with Group/Team project work in all your classes. IT3010 should also contain research methodology issues. 

  • Fill up with other (CS) classes to at least 30 ECTS pr. semester.

For all follow-up requests when abroad, such as changes to your signed pre-approval form:

 - remember to always include your pre-approval form
 - remember to always tell which IDI study program and specialisation you follow (if not specified in your pre-approval form)
 - remember to always send a copy to, even of you are in a dialog with a particular scientific advisor

 Pre-approval before going

Post-approval after returning

  • Once you have returned home from the foreign educational institution, you must contact IDI again to get an approval with a signature. It is important that you send/bring your pre-approval form at the same time. Also remember to tell us your specialisation/profile. If you have changes from your pre-approval form, they should be explained in the Comments field. Please also include a documentation (e.g. emails) of changes that have been approved by advisors during your exchange stay.
  • Before the advisor can approve, she/he will check your exchange university on the wiki, handle possible changes you have made from the pre-approval plan, and ensure that you meet the requirements of your exchange year, defined by the Study plans (see under Pre Approval). 
  • Your courses during exchange should at this point already be in the wiki page for your university, either approved or as comments. 
  • Example of filled-in form
For both pre and after approvals, when you have got a signature from IDI you will need to send your form to the IE faculty administration, together with all transcripts and documents you have received from you foreign university, for final check and formal approval.

For pre-approval, upload the form to

  • Søknadsweb + send a message about that to Julie Takacs (datateknologi) or Suzan Bulduk (informatikk).

For final approval, send the form to:

Application deadlines

Look at the NTNU site: Click here

Additional information



See information about student exchange for IDI students at Innsida: Utveklsing - IDI