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22 of the 300 journals have an impact factor higher than 0, but below 2.064


  • 4.774 according to Thomson (based on the years that ISSN 1741-427X was run by BMC)
  • 4.096 according to the Hindawai home page
  • below 2.964 according to Research Gate and the University of Purti Malaysia

Some other researchers impressions:;wGArog;20110726180255-0700d

I have been solicited to write an expert article for the following journals the past year. Even though I feel flattered, I would not think too much of researchers that publish in these journals with zero impact factor (and not because they are too new!)

  • Advances in Bioinformatics (Impact factor: 0, Registered in PubMed Central, Spamming a large number of potential authors)