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Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

Students Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture (AAR4926+AAR4616+AAR4907)

Alise Plavina
Arjun Basnet
Chenchen Guo
Elisabetta Caharija
Isabelle Davoult
Ivan Kalc
Kristof Lijnen
Lin Du
Michael Gruner
Mila Shrestha
Nigar Zeynalova
Noora Alinaghizadeh
Vegard Heide

Students AAR4926+AAR4616  Intergrated Energy design project+theory:

Ole Kristian Kråkmo
Pablo Alarcó González
Charlotte Langerock
Tina Viklund
Marine Guis
Rania Daher

Maria Coral

Students AAR4907 Sustainable Building materials and Components: