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PLU is responsible for the following activities:   

Teacher Education - educating 340 graduate student teachers per year for the intermediate and secondary school sector (year 5 - year 13) in natural science, mathematics, social science and modern languages, as well as further education and  in-service courses for teachers in all these fields.   

University Pedagogy  - assurance and development of the quality of teaching and learning at NTNU: pedagogical counselling, educational and method courses for  new staff, affiliated professors and teaching assistants; pedagogical innovation, research and development; dissemination of experience and development of competence in other faculties.    

The University's Resource Centre for Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology - an intermediary between schools, universities, colleges, trade and industry: continuing education and in-service courses in science and technology for  teachers at all levels; developing and disseminating new teaching materials and equipment; advising school authorities about science rooms and laboratories; publications on teaching and learning in science and technology; networking between  schools, the university and industry; implementing research and development on teaching and learning of science and technology subjects in schools.

In addition to scientific staff, NTNU has a dedicated administrative staff with  extensive experience in research management, legal issues and financial management of EU-projects.  

Task allocation

Tasks attributed to NTNU include:  • The overall management of the project (WP1) including financial management  • Media and dissemination strategy (WP10) • Content development in WPs 4, 5, 6 and 8.


Other NTNU staff participating include

Prof May-Britt Postholm,

Prof. Anna-Lena Østern   Østern

Assoc. Profs:

Marit Honereid Hoveid,

Halvor Hoveid,

Ove Haugaløkken,

Kjersti Wæge,

Indicative Allocation of Person-Months: NTNU  name  role  PM (total 83) Geir Karlsen  Project coordinator  8  Peter Gray  Project manager  34 (FTE for duration of project) Hilde Roysland  Project administrator  18 (0.5 FTE for duration of  project) Peter van Marion  Production of product 6.11 4  Alex Strømme  Production of  5.2 & 8.4  2 Berit Bungum  Production of  6.12  3  May-Britt Postholm  Production of  4.6  1 Anna-Lena Østern  Production of  8.4  2  Marit Honereid Hoveid  Editing  6.15 in collaboration with CYCO 1 Halvor Hoveid  Production of  6.12  1  Ove Haugaløkken  Production of  5.2  1 Kjersti Wæge  Production of  5.2  1