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Analysing the data

Available software:

NameVersionPublisherCommonly used forUseful links
DIFFRAC.EVA4.2BrukerPhase analysiswebpage
DIFFRAC.TOPAS5.0BrukerModelling and fitting 


How to install the software on own PC:

Open up an explorer window and go to the odin drive, as described above. Select the XRD_analysis_software folder. Double click on the relevant folder, and start the installation (.exe) file.

Emission profiles:

For analysing data in Topas, you will need to use a suitable emission profile (see for example here for explanation).


A while after the X-ray tube has been changed, some W contamination wavelengths will appear. Therefore we are regularly making new measurements from a LaB6 standard in order to have an up-to-date emission profile. This can be found on the odin-server, under "useful_documents\d8_davinci_1\Topas_Refinement_Details". Select the ".lam" file that has been made before your own measurements.

D8 Focus:

Here we are using a Ni-filter which removes the extra contamination wavelengths, such that we can use the prewritten emission profile "CuKa5.lam" that is included in the Topas installation directory ("C:\TOPAS5\Lam").

Plotting the data

Useful plotting software for XRD

NameFurther info