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This page provides information and/or links to past and forthcoming events, either involving S-TEAM directly or of interest to partners.
On 6-9 September NTNU will host the KIFEE conference

On 24th June, Peter Gray visited the  Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, with an informal workshop designed to inform colleagues about the learning from the S-TEAM/FP7 application process and management issues. The powerpoint is available here...Some conclusions from the meeting were that there needs to be early coordination between WP9 and the other WPs.

EERA held a convenors' meeting in Berlin on 25/26 June, a paper from Professor Martin Lawn discussing Europeanisation issues in educational research is available here.  The meeting iwasrelevant to S-TEAM in that we are part of an emerging European educational space and it provides a link to a number of useful networks within EERA/ECER, especially the teacher education research network (TERN)

ESERA 2009, Istanbul,  August 31-Sept 3rd 2009. Click here for presentation.

ECER 2009, Vienna, Sept 28th - 30th 2009. Click here for Alex Grøschner's discussion slides, here for peter gray's presentation, here for Geir Karlsen's presentation, and here for Michel grangeat's very informative slides on metacognition. We also have a presentation from Jim and Allan on indicators.

ASE 2010, Nottingham, UK January 6-9, 2010 (S-TEAM session 1130-1230 on Fri 8th)

We have submitted a proposal for a workshop entitled Science Teachers: From local knowledge to European policy via S-TEAM

The synopsis is as follows:

European Union policy on science education is often seen as remote from classrooms.  A new project, S-TEAM, funded under EU Framework Programme 7, aims to change this. The project concerns inquiry-based science teaching,  and will work with teachers to promote inquiry and to remove obstacles to using it.  This session is intended to gather views from teachers on how, why and when they use inquiry, and what kinds of teacher education and policy changes are needed to promote it

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