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Type of equipmentName of equipmentLocationContact personLink to more information
SpectroscopyGD-OESKII-307Mariia Stepanova 
Spectroscopy Element AnalysisGD-MSE-208Chiara Modanese 
Mass spectrometer + potensiostatDifferential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS) stationKII-323Magnus B. Følstad 
UV-vis/NIR spectrophotometer + potensiostatPhotoelectrochemical stationKII-001Magnus B. Følstad 
FTIR spectrometerBruker Vertex 80vKII-323Magnus B. FølstadJohannes Ofstad


Raman microscopeWITec alpha300 RKII-323Magnus B. FølstadJohannes Ofstad 

Surface and particle analysis
Surface and particle analysis