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  • Advances in Bioinformatics (Impact factor: 0, Registered in PubMed Central)
    • Soha Labib is soliciting a large number of potential authors: July, May, March
    • Nada Qassem is soliciting MANY authors: January
    • Four good colleagues of mine, Jörg Hakenberg, Goran Nenadic, Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann, and Jin-Dong Kim edited a Special Issue in May 2011
    • Lina Afify was soliciting my participation in a special issue that I know little about in August 2011, and it is still not registered even on Google Scholar!
  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence (No impact factor, Only registered in INSPEC)
    • Soha Labib is soliciting MANY authors: February 2012
    • Rana Ashour was soliciting MANY authors for an NLP issue: March-June 2011
  • Artificial Evolution and Applications (ISSN: 1687-6229, completely removed from the Hindawi home page list of journals! Why?)
    • Launched in 2007, soliciting entire conferences and mailing lists in January 2010, completely GONE in 2012!
  • ISRN Bioinformatics (no impact)
    • Marwa Elmasri was soliciting entire mailing lists in July 2011
  • Molecular Biology International (no impact)
    • Engy Edward was soliciting MANY authors until December 2009. Still NO IMPACT FACTOR!
  • Sequencing (No impact factor, Only indexed by Chemical Abstracts
    • Reem Ali is soliciting MANY authors (I haven't published ANYTHING on Sequencing!): 2012