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  • Crash Course in Electromagnetics 2020

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The crash course in electromagnetics aims to give the students who do not have a background in this subject a brief introduction to it. The course is voluntary and there is no need for signing up. There will be no exam or compulsory exercises.

Lecture Plan

DateTimeRoomTopicsLecture notesExercisesSolutions
Monday 53/809.15-12.00EL4Maxwell's equations, Coulomb's law, Vector calculus

Tuesday 64/809.15-12.00EL4Vector calculus, Gauss' law, scalar potential, Capacitance

Wednesday 75/809.15-12.00EL4Exercise session
Thursday 86/809.15-12.00EL4Electric fields in media, Boundary conditions for electric fields,Ideal conductors,
Current density, Ohm's law
Friday 97/809.15-12.00EL4Biot-Savart’s law, Ampere’s law
Tuesday 13Wednesday 12/809.15-12.00EL4Magnetic fields in media, Induction, Inductance, Lenz’s law
Thursday 1513/809.15-12.00EL4Wave equation for the electric field, Maxwell's equations, Antenna equations
Friday 1614/809.15-12.00EL4Summary


Farrokh HejriHossein Ehya


Office: Elektro BE/F, B316F414

Course Materials:

The lecture notes, exercises and solutions will be uploaded on schedule. We will be mainly using the material from previous years. Below are some additional resources: