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The "$" sign used below means that what comes after it, in this font, should be entered in a command prompt (Windows) or terminal (macOS/Linux).

Landing page for all things EMsoft:


Perform dictionary indexing

See the recently published, highly pedagogical , hands-on tutorial on how to do this:


  1. EMsoft (before version 5.0, in which a NORDIF reader was added) cannot read the patterns stored in NORDIF's format, so, read the Pattern.dat file into KikuchiPy and write them to an .h5 file (HDF5), which can be read by EMsoft using the EMEBSD reader.
  2. EMsoft has no static background correction, so, before writing the patterns to the .h5 file, use theremove_static_background_correction() method in KikuchiPy.kikuchipy (

Get .ang file readable by EDAX TSL OIM Analysis from EMsoft dot product (HDF5) file after indexing

Use the program EMgetANG. (1) Create the template (text) file with the template flag -t, like $ EMgetANG -t, (2) change the file extension from .template to .nml and/or the file name if desirable, (3) update the relevant fields in a text editor, and (4) run the program by passing the new file name instead of -t, like $ EMgetANG my_getang.nml.

Comparing simulated patterns from an indexing run to the experimental patterns