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Type of equipmentName of equipmentLocationContact personLink to more information
Thermal analysisDTA/TGA Setaram SensisA-K032Sarina Bao (SINTEF) 
Thermal analysisElectrical conductivity furnaceKII-103Pei Na Kui  
Thermal analysisNETZSCH dilatometer 402C, themal analysisKII-103Babak KhalaghiDilatometer
Thermal analysisNETZSCH STA449 jupiter, thermal analysis 1KII-103Babak KhalaghiSimultaneous Thermal Analysis
Thermal analysisNETZSCH STA449 jupiter, thermal analysis 2KII-103Babak KhalaghiSimultaneous Thermal Analysis combined with mass spectrometry
Thermal analysisNETZSCH dilatometer 402EKII-103Ove Darell (SINTEF) 
Thermal analysisNETZSCH DSC 214 Polyma KII-103Babak KhalaghiDSC 214 Polyma
Thermal analysisOptisk dilatometer-Expert systemKII-103Anne Støre (SINTEF) 
Thermal analysisLFA Microflash, termisk diffusivitetKII-103Anne Støre (SINTEF) 
Thermal analysisDilatometerKII-303Anne Støre (SINTEF)