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Here I describe how I cooperate with master and project students that I supervise. Please read this blog before you choose me as your supervisor.

This blog post is under continuous development. Please provide your feedback and suggestions in the comment field below or directly to me. Thanks!

I am happy you are considering to or have selected one of my project proposals for your master/diploma/project. I am looking forward to working with you during the coming months. Here I want to tell you a bit about what you can expect from me.

  • I do group-based supervision. So if you choose my tasks you should be prepared to be part of a group with my other master students (and PhD students), regularly presenting your results to the group, and giving feedback to others.
  • Although I do mainly group-based supervision, I will be available for individual meetings when needed. I will also read versions of what you write and give you feedback outside the group when needed. Normally, based on my time, I can read and review 1-2 versions of your full report.
  • My project proposals are all all about engaged research (research with users). The end result is a research report. Even if we agree that you will develop a technology concept or a prototype, the focus will be on creating new knowledge and insight. Contribution to knowledge is the main goal.
  • I will not give you a specification/script and ask you to implement it. You will use research-based methods to develop the task in a dialog with me. This means there will be a big demand on your self-organization and rigor. But it is also a unique opportunity to learn research methods in practice and to use your creativity to create some useful knowledge! Research skills are not only important for researchers. Any knowledge worker needs to know how to use research methods.
  • The writing process is a challenge for many students. We will therefore start early to write. The study year will be based on several writing projects with each its own milestone, leading up to a full master's thesis. Some examples are:
    • We will start by working on a research plan for autumn and spring semesters.
    • We will study existing literature and write a literature survey.
    • We will use literature to make a conceptual framework and define a contribution.
    • We will work on data collection and analysis.
    • We will write the discussion and the final report.
  • The goal is to have one report summarizing the first three points above by December.
  • I will also ask you to take one of my courses IT3010 or TDT39 if you have not done so already.

Last updated: May 10, 2021.

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